Our Services

New Patient

After a full evaluation of your child’s developmental, emotional, and dental status, we will provide a clear plan to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth, mind, and body. Our ultimate goal is that every patient leaves happy and looks forward to their next visit!Check-up
Generally recommended every 6 months, this includes a cleaning and full examination including x-rays if needed. We will provide your child with a full examination that includes a cleaning, fluoride treatment and x-rays if needed. We love to watch our patients grow and always look forward to these return visits!
Digital X-Rays*

Using the latest technology, digital x-rays greatly reduce radiation exposure and are kind to the environment by eliminating the need for processing chemicals.Emergency

If your child experiences any oral problem, we want to see them ASAP to evaluate the situation and determine the best path of action. Someone will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please don’t hesitate to call. We want the very best for your child!


It is very common to want a second opinion. We are happy to provide that service for you. This is usually a limited evaluation allowing parents to make the best choices for their children’s health and well being.


While some feel there is a high risk of being exposed to radiation, we reserve the sole right as trained health care professionals to determine the need to prescribe x-rays for each patient. Our professional obligation is to fully evaluate each patient and provide them with a standard of care guided by our profession. We are not able to fully evaluate your child’s oral health condition without this very important diagnostic tool. A request by anyone other than a trained health care professional treating patients in our office puts us and our patients at risk. We reserve the right to terminate any patient-provider relationship if this is a parent’s desire. We are happy to provide information about the safety of x-ray radiation exposure to any parent that has questions or concerns. We only want what is best for each patient, but we have a professional obligation to provide a professionally-recognized standard of care.