First Visit

First Visit

At what age should a child visit a dentist for the first time?

We recommended that an infant’s first visit to our offices happen by the age of 1 or within 6 months after his or her first tooth comes in.

What happens at the first dental visit?

Your child has an opportunity to meet the dentist in a comfortable and enjoyable way. We recommend having the parent to sit in the dental chair and hold their child during the examination. Typically this reduces concern and anxiety on the part of the child.

The exam consists of the dentist checking all of your child’s existing teeth for decay, examine your child’s bite, and looking for any problems with the gums, jaw, and tissues. Dr. Stallworth and her staff of highly trained dental professionals will clean any teeth and consult with you any needs the child might have including fluoride. Our staff will also educate the parents about health care basics for kids and discuss developmental issues .

We understand that this can be stressful for parents also and we pride ourselves on taking the time needed to make sure that you the parent are educated and informed. 

  1. Good oral hygiene practices for your child’s teeth and gums and cavity prevention
  2. Fluoride needs
  3. Oral habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking)
  4. Developmental milestones 
  5. Teething
  6. Proper nutrition  
  7. Schedule of dental checkups. Many dentists like to see children every 6 months to build up the child’s comfort and confidence level in visiting the dentist, to monitor the development of the teeth and promptly treat any developing problems.

How do I prepare my child?

Good communication is the best start. At Bronx Pediatric Dentist  We what it takes to put children at ease. Less is more as far as details are concerned. Parents should keep it short and simple in explaining to the kids about their first dental visit. This allows us at Bronx Pediatric Dentist the opportunity to teach both children and parents all the positive information regarding visits to the dentist.  A pleasant, comfortable first visit builds trust and helps put the child at ease.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in managing children with anxiety.

One last very important note:
If a parent is afraid of going to the dentist, the chances are very good that their child will pick up on this. Keep a positive attitude and create a mood of fun and excitement.  By planting positive seeds in the child’s thinking we can create a life of good attitudes towards oral health.

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